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Make sure to check this site on Sunday, 18th of December 2016! This is not just hype, it’s worth your time as an Ultima fan.

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Just a quick update, so you know we are alive: We have been working nonstop over the last 5 or 6 months. You will get the promised big update this year. I hope you will be as excited about it as we are. I am positively giddy about it. 😉 So giddy I’ll even post this picture:


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to iso or not to iso (thoughts about the poll results)



Once again very interesting results in the last 3 polls.

I’d like to talk about the most interesting one (imo) first, your choice of “view”.

I have to admit, when I, without much thinking, imagine Ultima IX or X (how it should have been) I automatically envision a gorgeous isometric 3D landscape full with things to do and stuff to pick up and move around.

However, when I start to think about it more I can see the advantages of a first person view in a game with gorgeous graphics. It’s more impressive, it is, potentially, more immersive too. Correctly done you can also implement a system that allows the manipulation of objects just as well as in an iso game, if not better. I am very torn between those two options.

I personally am not a huge fan of third person view. It always feels like the character is in the way of my exploration of the world. However, I am aware, that this most likely isn’t a popular opinion.


The discussion about crafting gave me a lot of insight into your thinking and I hope you share your thoughts about iso and first person view too (here in the comments or in the forum).

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Three new polls about your optimal Ultima



I really enjoyed the input we got for the crafting system in Ultima. This alone made the whole poll idea worth it already.

So on to more detailed questions, like promised. If you are not satisfied with the answers you can choose from, or if you want to elaborate on your choice, then please feel free to comment here or in the forum. Thank you!

Some of those questions won’t be directly related to Redemption, but instead be general questions about how your optimal Ultima should look like. For example the “view “question is not directly relevant for Redemption because we can’t change to an isometric view in that engine, but I am still interested in your opinion about it.

So here we go:

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Poll results and thoughts about RPG main plots



So far the results of the general poll is not really surprising and confirms our decisions. I was a little afraid that interestes of Ultima fans who come here might have changed over time, but you made it very clear that you still value the Ultima game design virtues.

Most important for you are an engaging storyline, an interesting open world and interesting NPCs. You also really like the day/night cycle with NPC schedules and love to uncover secrets in that world.

You definitely do not want an action RPG which explains the low combat and loot ratings. You also don’t care too much about graphics.

One thing did surprise me however: a realistic crafting system is rated quite low. Baking bread in Ultima 7 was always such an important example for most people who try to explain to someone why Ultima is so great. So I wonder why it didn’t get more votes here. Is it because you are not excited about a crafting system done in the Morrowind engine or is it because you really don’t care too much about crafting in Ultima?

I know people are quite reluctand to comment here (I see more comments on Facebook). But I would apprechiate some thoughts on this in our forum.

An interactive world with movable objects is also very important to you. This is also very important to me, but in Morrowind this feature can’t be implemented fully, which is very unfortunate.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

results so far:

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Which features are most important to you?



In order to go in the right direction when making final decisions I wanted to ask you a few things. We start off today with the most general question. “What’s most important to you in an Ultima?” You can pick up to 6 entries in the poll. If there is something I missed, please let me know (comment here or in the forum). Over the next few weeks I will go into more detail with the questions, so please vote and check back often. Thanks! Corv

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We (and yes, it’s actually ‘WE’ again), are working like crazy. But it will be a few months before we can show you something new. Please be patient it’s worth it, I promise.

Thanks to all of you who keep checking in!



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Playable “New Magincia in Unity” download!



As most of you know I created New Magincia in Unity 5, mostly to see how Unity works and … well … to see IF I could do it. There is a video of it on our youtube channel – and linked below.


But now you can download my little worldbuilding project if you want and run around in New Magincia … frolic, if you will 🙂

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Redemption is the Ultima fan project of the year 2015! – Project update



THANK YOU! to everyone who voted for Redemption in the Ultimacodex poll!
We are the Ultima fan project of 2015!

Because of you Ultima IX Redemption is the fan project of the year for the second time (after the win in 2013). I am very happy that you liked what I showed this year.


With that being said I am sure you’d like to know what’s up with Redemption… So I’ll give you a few facts here:

– I am the only one working on the project at the moment
– no that’s not necessarily bad
– yes there is progress
– no it isn’t done yet


With this out of the way in the most non dramatic way possible here are a few more things: I promise you will get to download something playable this year. It is unlikely that it will be the full game, however I will definitely give you a closed off area to do quests in (= a demo) OR I will release the whole landscape (without story elements and significant spoiler areas, unfinished gameplay) so you can explore our Britannia on your own.

Also, if you are interested I could make “New Magincia in Unity 5” available for download for you to run around in. I wouldn’t polish it or anything, it would be what you saw in the video. Is there any interest? If so please let me know in the forum.


Maybe a few more things about the progress so you have a better idea:

done for the most part. There are still interiors to be done and exteriors to be polished (more general detail, quest related details)

3D models:
most important things are done thanks to Spyder and many other contributors. I still need some quest related models, but nothing crazy. I need to do some minor fixes to some existing models like for example removing the collision checks on some bush and grass models which make navigating through Spiritwood or Deep Forest quite difficult.

there are still some original Morrowind textures in the game. I want to replace them over time.

done, thanks mostly to Direhaggis. I am tweaking things while implementing everything. Some elements do not go along with fun gameplay as well as I hoped.

see Story + it is a challenge to create fun quests without them feeling like quests you have to “work on”. One of the best features of Ultima VI – VIII in my opinion. The game has to flow without being too easy. I like how those mentioned Ultimas always felt like “books to play” (in my opinion). Achieving this level of design is one of my main goals for this project. I am very happy with what’s done so far.

maybe the biggest problem. Some things are implemented (ranger system like shown in the video, horse breeding, blacksmithing,…) but some things don’t work like planned yet (magic systems, NPC schedule). The NPC schedule will be possible with Open MW.


I hope for your continued support. Let me know what you think.


PS: Congratulations to all the other Ultima fan projects. I know how difficult it is to keep something going you are not getting paid for. I have deep respect for all of you, including WtF dragon for keeping his Ultima news site up to date!

All of you are responsible for keeping Ultima relevant and keeping it from being forgotten in all the hype Japanese RPGs are getting nowadays. It seems like Final Fantasy VI and/or VII is the end all be all of RPGs and it bothers me seeing those games hyped as the origin of everything that came later. Gaming “journalists” who obviously grew up with Nintendo consoles and not with Apples, C64s or Amigas are shaping the CRPG history more than I can stand. I like Final Fantasy, but selling Ultima short when talking about the best RPGs / games of all time is a sin. Most of those lists are infuriating. Sorry for the little rant 😉

I love you all, my fellow Ultima fans!


Please leave feedback in the forum

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